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Technical Field Services, Inc. specializes in Civil Engineering, Special Inspection and Project Consulting. We offer a complete range of services for large or small civil and construction projects including Site Improvement and Grading Plans, Geotechnical Evaluations and SoilsTesting, Special Inspection and Materials Testing, Construction Consultation and Discrepancy Resolution, Forensic Investigations and Documentation. Established in 2000 by Christopher Pinnow, P.E., Technical Field Services delivers quality services and strives for the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

Civil Engineering

Our services in Civil Engineering have aided owners, developers and contractors to deliver exceptional value in the finished product. Great projects start with great design and 'thought through' engineering. Our Engineers and Designers have that 'can do' energy on every project. As a client of Technical Field Services, Inc., your project will receive attention from knowledgeable Professional Engineers and Special Inspectors with years of proven experience.
Site Planning
Our Site Planning begins with understanding our clients vision. We strive to deliver that vision in our finished plan.
Grading, Drainage and Erosion Control Plans We work with local Surveyors to start your project out right. Utilizing current state-of-the-art laser and GPS based equipment assures accurate grading, drainage and erosion control measures to be designed with confidence.
Water Quality Management/Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans After consultation, design, implementation, and testing, we're at your side for all aspects of storm-water maintenance and operations. We help you with all questions related to erosion control components as well.
Geotechnical Evaluations and Foundation Design Our licensed Professional Engineers and consultants provide field-tested design, inspection and recommendations for foundations supporting commercial, residential, industrial and unique special structures.
Forensic Evaluations TFS has performed many forensic evaluations covering geotechnical issues as well as construction defect and structural system failures.

Inspection Services

Our Construction Inspection and Testing services provide project Special Inspection, Materials Testing and Project Consulting with field experienced Professional Engineers and licensed and registered Special Inspectors who keep the project's best interests first. Our services include grading observation and soils compaction testing, special inspection of reinforced concrete, structural masonry, pre-stressed/post-tensioned concrete, structural wood shear panel and hardware, epoxy anchor and dowel retrofit, Titan and wedge anchor installation and special inspection of unconventional and/or non-standard construction items.

Project Consulting

Owner, Contractor and Developer friendly, our Project Consulting Services ensure proper understanding of complex construction plans and specifications. We routinely resolve discrepancies between plans, details and actual construction expectations, while maintaining structural integrity, intent of the plans and quality control of your project!

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