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About Us

Background & Project Activities

Technical Field Services began with a vision of providing engineering and inspection services, at a price that's affordable. Together with our customers, contractors and construction crews, we encourage and incorporate 'on the spot' resolutions to construction deficiencies and discrepancies to achieve the most advantageous solution without costly construction delays.

We develop, incorporate, and uphold requirements of the approved plans and specifications, based on the high quality and principals set forth in the current IBC and CBC Building Codes, which our inspectors adapt to customers' explicit unique plans and requirements. This goal is achieved through our experience and continuous education of our staff to incorporate the most effective solutions to your construction requirements.Inspection is not just about 'looking at it'!

Our client base spans market industries, including homeowners, contractors, industrial facilities, communication towers, military installations, waste-water and water control facilities, pools and public works projects.

Company History

2011: We're still here! Ready and able to provide your engineering, inspection and project consultations.

2007: Expanded services to include grading, drainage and erosion control planning and design.

2006: Provided damage inspection and consultations in response to the October earthquake in Hawaii .

2004: Established operations in Kona, Hawaii, serving the West side of the 'Big Island'.

2000: Company founded based on construction services, special inspection services and competitive pricing.

Management Team and Associates

  • Christopher Pinnow, PE and Managing Director, Principal
  • Ronda Smith Pinnow, Architectural Director
  • Robert Anspaugh, Field Operations Manager, Staff Engineer
  • , Drafting
  • Stan Gafner (The Farsight Group) Web and Marketing Services
Technical Field Services, Inc.
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